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Pictures of Grandpa's tractors. His first, an Avery, the second a JD model M, then a 420S, and his last a 1010 special.


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Misc. Pictures

My uncle's 720 D WFE

Model H as displayed at a EXPO in Iowa. Half of tractor restored, and half not.

My first grandson, Jacob, in 2002.

Couple of 420's loaded, ready for the trip to the New York EXPO in 2004.

Me & Robert pickin at a cabin in the Smokey Mountains.

Model B on silo near Hendersonville, North Carolina

Dad with some of his 40's.

Jon pickin' on a Martin HD28. (June 2009)

Me sitting in with my brother-in-laws group in Alabama. (June 2009)

Dad, his son, his grandson, and great grand son.

My youngest son helping his grandpa clean up the H.

Dad with his siblings. I suspect this photo was taken around 1938 or 9. Dad is the oldest.

My daughter and neice on a pedal tractor back in 1992.

Dad's 37 'B' along side brothers 37 'A' (Sept 2010)

Me standing beside a G highcrop that my bother has been restoring. (Sept 2010)

Neat picture of spokes wheels. (Sept 2010)

Fabricated a seat so mama could ride along in the parades. She love it! (12-2010)

Mom wearing a John Deere hat? First time that was captured. Lookin' good at 77 years young! (Sept 2011)

Dad finished a Gibson and took it to the local fair. (Sept 2011)

A modified 110. Dad made a trycycle frontend on it and added some aluminum diamond plate. (Sept 2011)

Me on Dad's 1941 H at the local fair. A Blue Ribbon winner. (Sept 2011)

A home made hit and miss engine. Note the 10 cent piece on tank. It runs! An amazing machinist made in his garage. (Sept 2011)

A knowledgeable 13 year old I met at a recent show sitting on his John Deere H.

Brother in law visited and we jammed lots. Click here to hear him playing Jerusalem Ridge. (File is 44MB, so it might take a bit to load if on a slow connection.)

Me pickin with some family folks in Alabama - Feb 16, 2010

Audio of daughters wedding toast.

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